“Nasimi 650 years” Azerbaijan Diaspora Youth Summer Camp was held on 8-14 July in Shamakhi, Azerbaijan

The President of Azerbaijan Republic was declared 2019 year as a “Nasimi year” due to celebrate…

“Böyük İpək Yolu” Beynəlxalq Gənclər İttifaqı “Beynəlxalq arenada Mən” adlı layihə həyata keçirmişdir.

Bakıda “Böyük İpək Yolu” Beynəlxalq Gənclər İttifaqının Sabunçu Gənclər Evində  “Beynəlxalq arenada Mən” adlı layihəsi keçirilmişdir.…

The 3rd General Assembly (16-19 May, 2019) of “Great Silk Way” International Youth Union has been held in Baku.

Great Silk Way IYU Council of Members. Astana. 29-30 November 2012.

Great Silk Way IYU International Forum of Young Poetesses.

Great Silk Way IYU COMM, Interviews.

Great SIlk Way IYU Concert dedicated to the International Womens Day

Great Silk Way IYU Comem in Budapest, Hungary

Great Silk Way IYU Act together for equal participation Internaitonal Seminar

Great Silk Way IYU Act together for equal participation Internaiotnal Seminar. Interviews.

Innovative partnership opportunities

Great Silk Way IYU was started  “Innovative partnership opportunities” project with the financial support of the…

The Impacts of Conflicts on Social Life and Youth Activities