Last project of the year.

Another project of the Great Silk Way International Youth Union had been held: Great Silk Way International Youth Camp Camp. 

    The project was aimed to:

      – initiate an intercultural dialogue between youth workers;

– create sustainable motivation and encourage youth for promotion of values and development of actions in the sphere of multicultural dialogue on their local level;

– create common understanding of intercultural dialogue among participants and to develop participants skills in this field;

– encourage future network among participants and support potential peer-leaders and multipliers for Intercultural Dialogue working on local level after the participants are back to their countries of residence;

– explore existing concepts, practices and approaches in intercultural dialogue, non-formal education, human rights education;

– ascertain the obligations of community to respect, protect and fulfill the right to equal education among the people representing different cultures, nations and religious.

 Participants from 17 countries (Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Moldova, Turkey, Columbia, Poland, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Montenegro, Macedonia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Tunisia, Slovania, Romania, Bangladesh) took part in 3 days-long project organized by the “Great Silk Way” International Youth Union. The first working day participants went to synagogue, had interviews and little time in city park. On second half of the day, after the participants came back to the venue, they proceed to the 1 session which was the Project Management. 

The second day was fully dedicated to the topic of Intercultural relations.

The third day, the stuff and participants went to Mosque, visited Heydar Aliyev Center, Museum of Art and had a time in city center. The second half of the day was dedicated to presenting follow-up projects, awarding participants with certificates and official closing of the event. As non-official closing part, guys had a party. 

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