Great Silk Way International Youth Camp!

The “Great Silk Way” International Youth Union is going to implement its following project: Great Silk Way International Youth Camp, which will take place on July 13-18 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Below you can find all the details of the camp.


Great Silk Way Youth Camp is an international project implemented by the “Great Silk Way” International Youth Union and its member organizations. The Project is aimed at creating a space for young people from the countries, historically connected with cultural bounds of the Silk Road, for exchange and discussions on common challenges.


In the time of conflicts that appear, wars that are going on, the value of intercultural dialogue and non-formal learning and communication between countries, nations, various cultures and religions gets its significance.Lack of соmmunication resulted from formulaic imаginatiоn, lеаds humans to the wrоng perсерtion of what other natiоns, cultures рresent itself. Mass media, propaganda tools, old sterеоtypes: it all аррears to be an object that slows down people from moving clоser to еасh other, to соgnize new сultures, disсоver the world as it is. It is a key tool in understanding and contribution to political, social, cultural and economic integration and the cohesion of culturally diverse societies. It fosters equality, human dignity and a sense of common purpose. It aims to develop a deeper understanding of diverse worldviews and practices, to increase co-operation and participation (or the freedom to make choices), to allow personal growth and transformation, and to promote tolerance and respect for the other.

In the recent years many projects aimed to rising cross-cultural ties between countries were implemented. As one of the Great Silk Way International Youth Union’s objectives is to organize various international training courses and seminars, round-table meetings, exhibitions, conferences, charity marathons, forums and other events aimed at multi-cultural learning, the Union considers that it is important to implement this project in the country where living together among people with different cultures and religions is not a form of behavior, but a way of living.


 “Great Silk Way” International Youth Union is an international non-commercial organization established for the purposes of coordinating the activities of non-commercial youth organizations, also representation and protection of common interests and its activities shall cover the territories of European, Asian and African states.

Aim of the Union is to coordinate the activities of its members, also to represent and protect their common interests, to improve tolerance and mutual understanding among young people in order to contribute to the creation and development of intercivilizations and intercultural dialogue, and to support activities of young people in this field.

The Union carries out the following objectives in order to achieve its aims:

–  builds relations with various organizations to protect the interests of its members;

– organizes various international training courses and seminars, round-table meetings, exhibitions, conferences, charity marathons, forums and other mass-cultural events; 2

– cooperates with international and regional organizations and is represented in such organizations;

– Independently disseminates information about its aims and activities.

The organization was established by youth organizations and young people from 25 countries during the 1st Great Silk Way International Youth Congress, on June 27-29, 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan.


The objectives of the project are the followings:

1. To initiate an intercultural dialogue between youth workers;

2. To create sustainable motivation and encourage youth for promotion of values and development of actions in the sphere of multicultural dialogue on their local level;

3. To create common understanding of intercultural dialogue among participants and to develop participants skills in this field;

4. To encourage future network among participants and support potential peer-leaders and multipliers for Intercultural Dialogue working on local level after the participants are back to their countries of residence;

5. To explore existing concepts, practices and approaches in intercultural dialogue, non-formal education, human rights education;

6. To ascertain the obligations of community to respect, protect and fulfill the right to equal education among the people representing different cultures, nations and religious.


The participants must:

  – be aged 18 and 30;

  – be fluent in English;

  – be youth workers involved in youth or community projects in their countries and be

  willing to realize youth initiatives for peace-building following the residential meeting;

  – be involved in an organization or network, institution, formal and/or informal group

   that would assist them throughout the project duration and after it is over;

  -possess a sense of responsibility for one’s own actions and a commitment to personal   

   and community development;

 –  be curious, open-minded and appreciate diversity.

 – be interested in creation of network that will collaborate after the project is over

 – demonstrate willingness to work

 – participate at the full duration of the project

Young people from all over the world can apply to participate, however only 20 persons will be selected to participate. The organizing team will select among 20 best applications and inform those who will pass selection process.

Working style

The project will use a variety of methods to achieve its aims. The program will include grоuр discussiоns, tеаmbuilding ехеrcises, energizers, simulatiоn gаmes and role-plays, individual and group reflection sessions, individual and group presentations, guest sреаkers, thеоretical input and field trips. The program will be guided by the trainers with international experience in youth events in related topic and facilitated by the staff of the Great Silk Way IYU. The participants that will participate in full duration of the camp will be awarded with certificates.


All participants must fill in the application form and send via email to: /

Application form can be found here:

Deadline for submission of application is 15th of June 2014


80% of travel costs of participants, as well as accommodation and meals will be covered by hosting organization. Travel and visa cost will be reimbursed after arrival of participants upon receiving the original receipts of all the payments.

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