“Baku Forum of Young Poetesses” has been finished, successfully

“Baku Forum of Young Poetesses” is an international project implemented by the “Great Silk Way” International Youth Union and its member organizations. The Forum is aimed at creating a space for young and talented artists from the countries, historically connected with cultural bounds of the Silk Road, for self-expression, exchange and discussions on common challenges.

The “Baku Forum of Young Poetesses” (on 8-11 June, 2017) has been finished, successfully.Participants from 12 countries (Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Croatia, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Turkey, Tunisia, Ukraine) took part in 4 days-long project. There was no fixed subject for the poems delivered by the poetesses as well as the limit in length. The forum consists of 2 working days – Forum was dedicated to the official opening ceremony, with participation of famous poets, writers and public figures, alongside with presentations of works of participants and also, the forum was included various cultural programs, sightseeing and leisure; therefore, provide the participants with a non-formal environment for communication. The thematic sessions with attendance of participants –(East – West Cultural diversity from women’s perspective, Traditional and Internet Literature, New tendencies in literature)was carried out within the working days. 

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