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The “Great Silk Way” International Youth Union was established for the purpose of coordination of activities of youth organizations, as well as representing and protecting common interests of the countries historically located on the silk route. The main objective and scope of activities of the organization is intercultural and interreligious dialogue, globalization issues.

The “Great Silk Way” IYU was established on June 28 2012 in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan within the “Great Silk Way” 1st International Youth Congress organized on the initiative of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan. More than 200 chief officials, representatives of government institutions, delegates from 25 countries, on the territory of which the Silk Way crossed its route, engaged in work, discussions of the event. The Congress was aimed to create conditions for cooperation of youth of countries situated on historical Silk Way with organizations working in youth sphere, creating close communication by people from various continents, religions, languages and cultures with each other, establishing and developing intercultural dialogue between the youth.

Fuad Muradov, the MP of the Republic of Azerbaijan, was elected as the president of the newly created “Great Silk Way” IYU. In order to establish the bureau of the Union, participants were divided into 4 regional groups: Europe, Asia, MENA and East Europe + CIS countries. Representatives from Hungary, India, Egypt and Kazakhstan were elected as vice-presidents, respectively. The ruling structure of the “Great Silk Way” IYU consists of the chairman, 4 deputy chairmen, 7 board members and 4 members of the Control-Supervising Commission. During the General Assembly of the Great Silk Way International Youth Union, it was decided that during the next three years the Secretariat will be located in Baku.

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