Meeting with President`s assistant on social and political issues, Head of Social and Public Department

Chairman, Board members and Secretariat of Great Silk Way International Youth Union held a meeting with President`s assistant on social and political issues, Head of Social and Public department Mr. Ali Hasanov. Mr. Hasanov welcomed the Great Silk Way International Youth Union members and said that he was ready to answer questions of young people.

Mr. Hasanov highly appreciated the successful activities of Great Silk Way IYU and stressed that it is very important to expand the geography of Union. He noted that it is expedient to increase number of members by involving many youth organizations to Union: “Youth policy is one of the main priority directions in state policy of Azerbaijan. President of the country attaches great importance to the field of youth and sports. Nation who is not thinking about its youth can not develop. The government is trying to ensure that young people are growing more healthy, educated, intellectual and creative. The main challenge of youth organizations operating in this area is to support the youth. It is necessary to bring together different cultures and to promote all the fine qualities of them. I wish you success in this hard work and I sincerely hope that you will stay as a friend of Azerbaijan when you back home”.  

Chairman of Great Silk Way IYU, Mr. Fuad Muradov expressed gratitude for reception and gave information about the Board meeting of Union started in Baku.

Mr.Muradov said that the members of the Union held its Board members and Council of Members in Astana, Istanbul, Budapest and Thessaloniki. Mr. Muradov also added that “International Forum of Young Poetesses” was awarded best cross-cultural project among Eastern Partnership Countries. 


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