Apply for the 3rd International Forum for Young Poetess which will take place on March 26-29, 2015!

“International Forum of Young Poetesses” is an project implemented by “Great Silk Way” International Youth Union. The Forum is aimed at creating a space for young and talented female poets from the countries, historically connected with cultural bounds of the Silk Road, for self-expression, exchange and discussions on common challenges. 

The 21st of March was declared by UNESCO as the World Poetry Day. The purpose of the day is to promote the reading, writing, publicizing (propaganda) and teaching skills of poetry throughout the world. Deriving from the above-mentioned fact, the UNESCO session ‘giving fresh recognition and impetus to national, regional and international poetry movements and one of the core objectives of promoting mutual understanding and dialogue among young people,  “Great Silk Way” International Youth Union annually organizes the International Forum of Young Poetesses.

The first forum was held on 26-28 April 2013 in Baku, Azerbaijan. Young poetesses from 20 countries of Silk Road participated at the forum. During 2 days participants shared their pieces of poetry in the native language, which was also available in English translation for the audience. The following day participants engaged in working groups which were the following:

1.      The role of poetesses in strengthening intercultural dialogue

2.      Feminism as a stream in literature

3.      Alternative literature: modern ways of self-expression

The Forum concluded with a Declaration adopted by the participants which addressed the discussed issues.

It is worth mentioning, that the project was awarded as The Best Cross-Border Project 2013 in the category of “Culture” implemented in the Eastern Partnership region, within the framework of the Eastern Partnership Initiative’s Congress on 1-3 October, in Lublin, Poland.

The 2nd International Forum of Young Poetesses took place on March 12-15, 2014. The second Forum managed to cause a great interest of more than 130 applicants from 28 countries. Finally, 23 poetesses arrived in Baku, performed their poems, had a press-conference, had meetings with poets and writers at the Azerbaijani Writers Union. The participants continued the Forum with workshops on 2 topics which were moderated by such prominent writers of modern era as Chingiz Abdullaev, Gunel Anarqizi. The following topics were discussed within the framework of Forum:

1.      East-West cultural diversity from women’s perspective.

2.      Latest tendencies in 21st century – traditional and online literature.

3.      Calling for peace in modern literature.

The objectives of the project are the followings:

1. To initiate a space for  intercultural dialogue between young people

2. Contribute to mutual understanding among young people to raise awareness on non-traditional streams in literature

3. To create a network among young artists from different countries with similar background

Working style

Poetesses aged 18-35 can participate in the forum. Original pieces of their work should be delivered in their native languages; however, the attachments of translation into English are mandatory. There is no fixed subject for the poems delivered by the poetesses as well as the limit in length.

The forum will consist of 3 days:

1. The first day will include various cultural programs, sightseeing and leisure.

2. The second day of the Forum will include the official opening ceremony, with participation of famous poets, writers and public figures, alongside with presentations of works of participants. Second half of the day will be dedicated to thematic sessions on specific topics with attendance of participants. The thematic sessions will be moderated by famous men of the pen, public figures and will provide with opportunity of sharing views, challenges and brainstorming on new ideas.

3. The third day of the Forum will give an opportunity to participants to have meetings with various writers, poets and their peers to share their work with them and discuss literature.

Participants profile

Only English speaking poetesses with the pieces of work published locally will have a chance to participate at the forum.

Poetesses aged 18-35 from all countries in Europe, Asia and MENA countries are eligible to apply.


Travel costs of participants to and from Baku, as well as accommodation and meal expenses are covered by host organization. Travel costs will be reimbursed after arrival of participants in Baku upon presenting the original receipts of all the payments. The host organization provides participants with all the necessary documents for obtaining visa.

Application form can be downloaded from here:


Application forms, together with the poem to be presented by participant (in original and English languages) must be sent to [email protected] by March 1th, 2015.


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